Teambuilding at AndyFood... an opportunity for growth, fun, and good food.


  • A dynamic hands-on experience
  • Tailored to accomplish goals unique to your business
  • Reward cooperation and problem solving
  • Foster communication and the efficient use of limited resources
  • Embark on a well-planned kitchen adventure that's good for your business
  • See what our clients have to say on the Testimonials page.

What makes teambuilding at AndyFood unique?

  • Our commitment to learning about our clients and their needs
  • An established teambuilding program developed by Andy Broder to enhance communication, cooperation, and focus on the bigger picture (i.e., a group working toward a common goal)
  • The option to include a debriefing at the end of your teambuilding
  • The AndyFood kitchen and the AndyFood staff
  • We're detail-oriented; so your cooking event is easy to plan
  • We do all of the above in an entertaining way that's an adventure for your team

Common areas of teambuilding focus

  • Improving Communication and information sharing
  • Creativity - thinking outside the box
  • Building Camaraderie - the "get to know you factor"
  • Reliance on co-workers (delegation and trust)
  • Keeping the big picture in focus
  • Knowing when to ask for help
  • Identifying and using untapped abilities and team resources
  • Making the most of things when resources are limited
  • Meeting challenges as they arise

Competitive (Iron Chef) Teambuilding classes are available...

However, we recommend teambuilding classes where a group works toward a common goal.


Why choose a teambuilding class?

  • You're working with less resources
  • Clients expect more for less
  • Your team is smaller, or bigger
  • Work groups have merged
  • Morale is low
  • Your day-to-day business dynamic has changed
  • You need to stay competitive
  • You're celebrating success

A teambuilding class is an opportunity to...

  • Reinforce your company's values and accomplishments
  • Build on the assets of your team
  • Strengthen your core team
  • Grow in new directions
  • Think outside the box