The best place in metropolitan Phoenix - Scottsdale for a hands-on cooking experience.

FAQs about AndyFood Cooking Classes

  • Everyone gets a copy of the menu and the recipes.
  • Classes will start with a demonstration of techniques necessary to make their lesson du jour - approximately 30 minutes.
  • Classes last about 3 hours - some groups stay longer, socializing and nibbling the food they've made.
  • We always serve infused/flavored water. (Flavoring ingredients vary with season and availability).
  • Coffee is brewed upon request.
  • Substitutions due to dietary restrictions can usually be made with advance notice.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: You may bring your own beer and wine - and we have wine glasses and corkscrews. No additional fee is charged. During hands-on classes no alcoholic beverages may be opened or consumed until after the hands-on part of the class has been completed.

FAQs about Private Cooking Classes

Pricing for Parties and Teambuilding

  • Cost is based on a minimum class size of 12 persons. Smaller classes are always an option; the cost for smaller classes is the same as for 12.

Class Size

  • Hands-on classes: up to 36 persons with most menus.
  • Demonstration classes: up to 40 persons with most menus.

General Private Class Info

  • We try to accommodate last-minute registrations - but we cannot guarantee their inclusion. Additions to the head-count less than seven days before the class are subject to a late fee.
  • During the demonstration an appetizer will be served (Chef's choice).
  • We have aprons for those who want to protect their clothing. (New "take-home" AndyFood aprons can be purchased for each student for an additional charge. We need 2-3 weeks notice for aprons).
  • Service is usually buffet-style. The food is garnished and set out in the kitchen area. This gives everyone an opportunity to see the feast they've just helped make.
  • For hands-on classes, wear comfortable shoes. Wear clothing that is kitchen-friendly (no long baggy sleeves, etc.)
  • Let your guests know they'll be in a kitchen cooking - even if you choose to keep some of the details a secret.
  • Let the chef know if you or your guests have any food allergies.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to schedule a class. The balance is due 30 days before the event and is nonrefundable. A final head-count and payment for any additional attendees is due 7 days before the event.
  • Classes scheduled less than 14 days before the event require full, nonrefundable payment when booked.
  • Thank you for understanding the necessity of our deposit and cancellation policy and the associated fees.

Optional tastings for private classes

  • Salt Tasting - Andy has dozens of salts, and conducts a unique tasting that includes using dark chocolate. He has spoken about salt to culinary professionals and on the radio. $12 per person
  • Cheese Course - AndyFood will provide a selection of cheeses for your guests. Each guest will receive a beautifully arranged plate. $12 per person
  • Chocolate Tasting - You will be treated to a blind tasting of 9 to 10 chocolates. After rating the chocolates (based on color, taste, texture and flavor) you will learn the identity of each. The tasting includes a discussion of the history of chocolate and chocolate making. $15 per person

Interested in a small gift for your guests?

  • Aprons - "AndyFood" Aprons are great take-home souvenirs. Generally we need 2 weeks notice to ensure availability. - $20 each plus tax
  • Box of Mexican Chocolate - $10 per person

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