Andy has been teaching people to cook since 1998.
AndyFood opened in 2003.

Our recipes are developed, adapted, and taught with an emphasis on cooking technique and flavor. At AndyFood fresh ingredients, food presentation, and sitting down to eat the lesson du jour are always part of the good meal as art.

AndyFood Mission Statement
At AndyFood, our goal is to teach the art of cooking and create memorable food experiences. Our inspiration is ongoing and evolutionary. We seek the benefits of the global supermarket combined with local ingredients. Our passion incorporates classic techniques, comfort food favorites, time-honored recipes, and food trends.

*"Culinary Studio" is an AndyFood registered trade name

The Culinary Studio

  • A state-of-the-art, over-equipped kitchen with Viking appliances and the best cookware.
  • AndyFood does not use ingredients having a "bad food day." Expect surprises. We are committed to using the freshest food, and we will make last-minute ingredient substitutions to ensure quality.
  • All classes begin with a demonstration of techniques necessary for the lesson du jour
  • All classes include lots of tips and tricks of the trade to make cooking easier and to make the food look great
  • Ethnic, seasonal, and holiday classes
  • Covered parking is available, so you never go from our ovens to a hot car.
  • We enjoy using the right tableware, so every lesson has a sense of occasion.
  • Good things come in small packages. Classes often begin with a little taste teaser - maybe of one of Andy's recipes-in-development, maybe something dreamed up just for your class.
  • Gift Certificates available - click here.
  • Quick Food. If you want real food after work many of our classes and recipes are designed to make everyday cooking a pleasure. (Many of the recipes Andy published in the Los Angeles Times were for quick meals).

Sandy Liberman - Chef/Sous-Chef

In June 2009 Sandy started at AndyFood as a culinary intern.

How did she get to AndyFood? She's a natural team player who found us as she was finishing her training at the Arizona Culinary Institute. Here's some insight into her background and personality via a couple of excerpts from her letter of inquiry and introduction:

"Just put down my copy of Edible Phoenix after reading the article about AndyFood and I ran for the computer. What you are doing with team building is incredible - I was fascinated by the concept and would love to see it in action. Would you consider having me work with you as an extern?"

My name is Sandy Liberman and I am in the process of re-careering. I was a magazine editor for 20 years (17+ years at Raising Arizona Kids magazine as managing editor and 2 years with Gannett creating parenting and health magazines) but left last October to attend Arizona Culinary Institute.

Sandy's interest in vegetarian cooking began when she was in college in the 1970s. Her food journey includes stints as an omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, and as an adherent to both macrobiotic and kosher diets.

She's cooked for people with a variety of food-associated needs (food allergies, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer).

Each new diet expanded Sandy’s culinary repertoire by introducing her to new ingredients and techniques. She believes that a good diet begins with eaters who are educated about what they are eating and how its preparation affects their health. Sandy has a heartfelt belief that the best diets rely primarily on plant-based foods.

Sandy contributes greatly to AndyFood with her passion for healthy food, vegetarian and vegan cooking, and amazing enthusiasm for all things kitchen-related.

What Sandy didn't say about herself:

  • She graduated from the Arizona Culinary Institute with a 4.0 GPA and zero absences.

  • She knows a lot about food and cooking, and she delights in always learning more.

  • She is energetic, helpful, and patient.

  • She loves to explore food – ethnic food, healthy food, and new trends.

  • She's really smart.


Andy Broder - chef/proprietor

An Arizona native, Andy Broder grew up loving the flavors of the southwest — which are often incorporated in his menus. While still in grade school he started cooking on Saturday afternoons. He satisfied his developing sweet tooth with a self-taught dessert repertoire that included Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and Jelly Rolls.

Andy has degrees from the University of Arizona in English Literature (with a minor in psychology) and Law. He practiced law in Phoenix for 12 years before attending the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. He graduated from SCI in 1998 with a 4.0 GPA and was a graduation speaker. He did his externship at the Los Angeles Times, working in the Food Section developing and testing recipes, writing about food and food styling.

Andy's recipes and articles about food have appeared in several publications, including the Los Angeles Times, The Arizona Republic, Phoenix New Times, Edible Phoenix, Arizona Food and Lifestyles Magazine, and The Phoenix Jewish News. He has participated as a recipe developer on two books published by the American Heart Association - Low-Calorie Cookbook, 2003 and One Dish Meals, 2003.

He is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).

Teaching people to cook is a natural merger of Andy's interests and skills.

Andy went to culinary school to pursue his passion. His interests converged when he taught his first class for Muriel Hart at Kitchen Classics. He writes most of the recipes he teaches – and his English degree clearly gives him an edge. Teaching and speaking to a group are a natural progression of his presentation of evidence in a courtroom. His ability to communicate with individuals as well as groups has a foundation that starts with his minor in psychology.

Ten years ago, when Andy began teambuilding in the kitchen, his primary concern was providing a valuable service to his clients. He developed a program that focuses on using each team's unique talents. Having honed his teambuilding program, half of the classes he teaches are teambuilding and many more are tailored to meet the unique goals of corporate and business clients.

Other Andy Info:

  • Reading and travelling are often the inspiration for his recipes.

  • He believes that if he's a good host every class will be a success (because he'll be prepared, attend to all the little details, and make it easy for his clients).

  • He's a little bit of a clean freak in the kitchen.

  • He tries to exercise regularly – though often falls off that wagon.

  • He collects cookbooks and wooden cooking utensils.